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Hi! I'm Rapunzel. I grew up alone in a tower, and now I'm next in line to run a nation! Story of my life. Literally.

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My dear friend, Aurora

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Cream Puffs




he’s not handsome… -he mumbled, not liking the thought of rapunzel thinking he was. he chewed, receiving more kisses. he brushed his goatee against her cheek- i don’t know if i like phil eating cream puffs around you…..

She smiled.  ”I guess you’ll just have to one-up him and eat more cream puffs around me.  And lick your fingers.  And kiss on me.  You can practice right now, if you want.”

hey hey, i don’t have to one up him, baby. there is no competition there. i hope you’re engaged to the man you want to see eating cream puffs. -he smirked and gave her a kiss on the tip of her nose-

She was glad that at least this made Eugene realize he didn’t need to compete with Philip.  ”You’re right, there is no competition,” she said, kissing the corner of his mouth and handing him another cream puff.  ”And I am engaged tot he man I want to see eating cream puffs.  So eat them.”

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    -he was really surprised to hear that she was okay with fall. it was a ways off but not that far. before the end of the...
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    She laughed at his chipmunk face as she pressed more creampuff into his mouth. ”I think it would be nice to have an...
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