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The Farmer’s Market! @Pascal



“Yes!” She said excitedly, making her way through the fish aisles to get to the fruit on the other side.  ”we could make a little pully system so the hamster can spin it, and then one of your rat friends could pull on the thread to lift the paper.  It will be genius.  We can cut out little designs in the paper, it will be so fun!  The other chameleons will be so impressed, although they always are with you, I know.”

She came to the rows and rows of fruit.  ”Okay, let’s scrutinize each one and see if it’s just something else in disguise.  What’s the deal with kiwi, anyway?  Do you think it’s really an animal?  It’s furry.”

Hmm.  I think kiwi are little, ugly birds.  Maybe kiwi fruits are unripe, ugly birds. Like eggs?  Yes.  Hairy eggs.

Are green grapes unripe red grapes?  What about purple grapes?

What about different colors of apples?

What about plumbs and nectarines?

What about squash and pumpkins?  They might not have pumpkins here.  We had those way back when.  *looks around for pumpkins*

Wow!  Look at that!  Tiny bananas!  They’re so tiny!  :O

Rapunzel nodded, amazed.  ”They are tiny bird eggs!  Amazing!  I never thought of that, but doesn’t it seem true?  Although, I’ve never seen bird eggs that are hairy, aren’t they usually smooth?  Maybe they’re…” but she was at a loss.  She really had no idea what they were.  Hairy bird eggs seemed like the best bet.

"Wow, what about grapes?  That’s a great question.  I don’t know!”  And apples?  and plumbs?  And squash?  Her head spun a little and she leaned against the cart for a minute, feeling a little overwhelmed.  

She closed her eyes for a second, collecting herself, then peered them open again to look at the little bananas.  ”hmmm the sign says ‘plantains.’  Should we buy some and try them out?” 

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