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The Farmer’s Market! @Pascal





Rapunzel grinned up at Pascal and set out of the palace towards the farmer’s market.  It was a lovely day, perfect for a sleuthing expedition.  As they walked, they chatted.  ”Have you been to the rave lately?  What’s new?”

Oh!  It’s so exciting.  The other week we figured out that if you paint the glass on the lanterns different colors, it’s like you have DIFFERENT COLORED LIGHTS!  :O  I think the next step is to find a way to make them flash or make them spin.  But that might be too much.  Don’t want to get carried away.

“Is there such a thing as too much?” she asked seriously, making her way down the main street.  The evening market was down near the docks.  Flynn wouldn’t like her going by herself, but she wasn’t by herself, she was with Pascal, and he was very good at taking care of her.  

“I don’t think so.  Maybe later we can craft together and figure out how to make a flashing and or spinning lantern!”  

Well, sometimes the other chameleons get too excited if there’s too much going on.  They try to change colors to keep up, but it’s changing too fast and they wear themselves out.  *puffs out chest*  They’re not as good at it as I am.

*Pascal liked going to the docks.  They were always very exciting.  There were lots of people to tell crazy fish stories and lots and lots of people to think he was cute and feed him whole bunches of readily available fruit.  Sometimes he’d get startled and have to hide, but that didn’t happen real often.  No.  Not often at all.  In fact, he couldn’t remember it happening at all.  Yay!*

Oh!  :D  Would you help me?  I was thinking thick construction paper could make it flash.  All you’d have to do would be to lift it up and put it back in place real fast.  We could even cut some shapes out of it so there’d be some light even when it’s closed.  Like a paper nightlight.  And maybe we could put it on a Lazy Susan and someone could spin it.  Or we could get a hamster to spin it!  Hamsters like spinning things.

"Yes!" She said excitedly, making her way through the fish aisles to get to the fruit on the other side.  "we could make a little pully system so the hamster can spin it, and then one of your rat friends could pull on the thread to lift the paper.  It will be genius.  We can cut out little designs in the paper, it will be so fun!  The other chameleons will be so impressed, although they always are with you, I know."

She came to the rows and rows of fruit.  ”Okay, let’s scrutinize each one and see if it’s just something else in disguise.  What’s the deal with kiwi, anyway?  Do you think it’s really an animal?  It’s furry.”

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