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-flynn thought it was funny that the old guy recognized punz but he didn’t kiss ass or bow to her or any of that. maybe because he was ancient? maybe he’d break a hip or something. he told them that his wife made the dreamcatchers and then wandered off to leave them to look around. flynn smiled at rapunzel-

sure, babe. hmm….they’re all pretty nice. i like the green ones…but this one has nice feathers…look how big this one is. 

-they wandered around under all the catchers, eyes up at all the hanging little webs-

which do you like, love?

She spent a long time looking at them all before pointing to a medium-sized one that had dark green and purple string and brown and white speckled feathers.  ”What about that one?” she asked excitedly.  Next to it, there was a small one made of shiny silvery string with snow-white feathers.  ”And that little one for Pascal!”

oh, that one looks like us. i like it a lot. good choice, baby. i think pascal will like that silver one too. i’m going to pick out one more. for max. 

-he picked out a bright green one with red feathers- 

this one will be perfect for over his stall door. now what about all this other stuff? do you want any of these little crystals or candles? look, they all have their meanings on the boxes. 

-flynn was pretty impressed by all this stuff. a lot of it he’d never seen before. he picked up an antique long bow with very intricate detailing that he spotted shoved in a corner covered mostly by plants that were set in front of it-

wow, this is so cool. look at this, blondie. 

"Oooh!" she gushed.  "That’s so nice!  I will buy you that bow if I can get a couple of these crystals!"  She was eyeing a very pretty quartz that came in a little black pouch that meant ‘serenity.’  She thought she could use some more of that.

Then she set out to sniff every single candle in the store.

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