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He pulled a face before he could stop himself.  ”Yes, they have a tendency to be that way don’t they,” he said unable to take the bite out of the statement thinking of his Rapunzel’s young man.  She still hadn’t told him.  He was still touching her, probably as they were speaking now.

No mustn’t think that way.  Jealousy was too destructive.

At her plan he laughed out loud, covered his grin immediately as he did so.  ”You are so hopefully, Princess.  If I could bottle it I’m sure it would be a powerful force.  Perhaps.  Perhaps all you say will come true.  But my nature is what it is.  I’m not the easiest person to get along with, I’m no stranger to this concept. But perhaps she may change me.”  And perhaps Zeus will take an oath of celibacy.  He was glad he hadn’t let that thought slip.

Rapunzel raised an eyebrow.  ”They? Who?”

She grinned when he grinned.  It was rare to see him smile, and a lot of fun.  ”Of course I’m hopeful,” she said with a laugh.  ”If the most wanted thief in Corona can stumble upon my hidden valley, climb up my tower with a couple of arrows, survive multiple concussions, whisk me off to show me the world, survive the great estuary flood, break out of prison, die, come back to life at my tears, and become my husband… then anything can happen.  Anything can happen, Mozenrath.  And you don’t seem that difficult to me.”

“Flynn Riders.  Did you think there were multiples of you, but not of him?”

He tilted his head at her story.  Yes, anything could happen.  A thief could fight a giant snake and marry a princess too.  And a slave could become the most feared wizard in the world.  But the realist in him brought him back to earth.  ”I suppose ma’am.  Anything can happen, except the removal of prejudice.”  He thought of the many groups of wizards he had saved from the magic-hating cities (for a good fee of course.  No good deed goes unpaid).  ”But perhaps you are right, if my wife is so beloved.  Maybe she could even like me.”  He tilted his head.  ”I’m much more difficult in private.  Simply ask my sister-in-law.”

Rapunzel wrinkled her nose.  ”I’ve met a few of his… he calls them ‘mirror twins.’  Pascal says my twins smell funny, and I guess maybe that’s what it is.  Not… bad.  But they’re not the same.  It’s strange to think of doubles of Eugene.  To me, he is the only person quite like him in the universe.  And I don’t know about the other ‘Flynn Riders,’ but yes… my Eugene is amazing.” She looked down at her ring and smiled warmly.  She was glad she had the only  Flynn Rider that mattered to her.

She looked back up, still feeling a little floaty.  ”And If your Rapunzel is marrying you, she must love you.  I’m sure she and I are at least that similar.  She’d never give her life to someone she did not love.  Let alone like.”

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    Rapunzel wrinkled her nose. ”I’ve met a few of his… he calls them ‘mirror twins.’ Pascal says my twins smell funny, and...

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