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Hi! I'm Rapunzel. I grew up alone in a tower, and now I'm next in line to run a nation! Story of my life. Literally.

My husband, Eugene
My best friend, Pascal
My strongest knight, Maximus
The brother I always wanted, Philip
My dear friend, Aurora

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Anonymous said: Were you smitten with Eugene when you first met him? Did you feel a certain stirring at his roguish smile?

When I first met him… not really, haha!

Okay, that’s not entirely true.

His smolder didn’t stir me because it’s fake, it’s not the real him, and I could sense that right away.

But I was stirred when I first saw his teeth, when I first thought “whoa… a man!” and I was definitely stirred by those moments that I could glimpse the real him, like when we talked by the campfire, and when he helped me with my hair. I fell in love with him so quickly once he started opening up to me.

thesmokinsmolder said: Don't be sad, gorgeous. You're too beautiful to be sad. I love you.

I love you too, Eugene. I hate thinking of you in pain.


Cute baby Boston Terrier

I want hiiiiim <3 <3


Cute baby Boston Terrier

I want hiiiiim <3 <3

thesmokinsmolder said: Thanks, baby. You tell em. Besides, I belong to you. Private property :)

*in a sour mood from the creepy anon*

You’re a person with rights, Eugene. I love you and I’ll protect you, always.






Disney Christmas Storybook Collection

Thanks for making these, Jane! They’re fantastic!


Anonymous said: God, I want your man. He is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. He said on his Tumblr he has scars. I just want to lick them. How do you resist running your tongue all over his delicious body? Scars are so hawt. Nnnngh. I want to get my hands & mouth on another special part too. Maybe sneak a peek & a taste. I bet he's so big. You don't mind? *__*

What on EARTH makes you think I don’t mind?

That’s my husband you’re talking about. We made vows to each other, of loyalty and fidelity and love. I would never let someone sneak a ‘peek’ or a ‘taste’ or anything, and Eugene would not allow that either.  He’s a human being, you know, with thoughts and feelings and he makes decisions about his body, you can’t just check him out like a library book.  Keep your hands and your tongue and everything else to yourself.

Anonymous said: What do you think about Eugene's scars?

Eugene’s answer was right… I love all of him, of course, scars and all. But it makes me sad to think of how he got them, and makes me wish so badly that I’d been there to protect him and take care of him and heal him. It makes me so mad and breaks my heart that anyone ever hurt Eugene :(.

thesmokinsmolder said: My smile, babe? That's your most favvvvvorite part of me? -winks- Really?

She kissed his perfect smirk. “Luckily I don’t really have to choose just one,” she said, pressing close. “I get all of you.”

Anonymous said: What is your favorite part of Eugene?

That’s tough! I love every party of Eugene! I think these days I’m especially in love with his smile, though. When he gives me a real, genuine smile, I stop breathing for a few moments. I just love when he’s happy, knowing he’s happy makes my heart sing.